Plants & Gardening Theme


Plant Activities @ A to Z

Inside a Seed
Students will look inside seeds to discover the beginning of a plant, and will discuss elements that plants need to grow.

Pumpkin Plant Sequencing Printables

Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing Activity Printable

Spring Potted Plants
A math and science activity for learning about plant growth and measuring the progress.

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Plant Lessons, Printables & Ideas @ Other Sites

A Demonstration of Photosynthesis and Transpiration
Students will examine the effect that light and air has on green plants.

Garden Preschool Pack
Dozens of free printables – parts of a plant, vocabulary cards, basic skills, etc.

Plant Life Cycle Printable
12 steps to cut out and arrange or paste in order.

Graphic Organizer: Plant Structure and Functions
Printables for listing parts and structures.  Here is a second printable for plant structure and functions.

Spring and Plants Unit
From Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten – lots of photos

Planting and growing beans in our preschool window
Exploring how beans grow step by step.

Color Garden
In this activity, children will learn about some of the different colors flowers can be.

Dried Vs. Soaked Beans
Students will observe the differences between a dry and soaked bean, and identify the functions and parts of a bean at the beginning of its growth.

In What Direction do Seeds Grow?
Students will predict and examine the direction seeds will grow and thereby learn about the effects gravity has on seeds and plants.

Seed Sort
Students will examine seeds for similarities and differences.

Plants Theme Unit
Lots of printables – word puzzles, forms, worksheets, and more.

Missouri Botanical Garden
Resource Site for gardening information

Seeds, Plants, Flowers, Gardens Songs & Poems
Seeds, plants, gardens, flowers

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    hi, my name is lola byrd i am not a teacher i am a mother of a daughter with autism and adhd. i just wanted to express my gratitude for your website. keeping her attention has never been easier with your many printables. i am able to help her grow. thank you so very much.

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