Zoo Activities, Printables, Lessons, and Teaching Ideas


Lesson plans and resources for a zoo or zoo animals teaching theme.

Zoo Printables @ A to Z’s Downloads Shop


Free Printables & Activities @ A to Z

Animal Alphabet: Kindergarten Zoo
Review the alphabet with A, My Name is Alice & an animal alphabet hall display or class book.

Zoo Song Book
Here is an activity inspired by the book, Dear Zoo.

Zoo Theme Activities
Lots of great hands-on math, literacy, center, and art activites including photos.

Monkey Printables
Monkey math mats, Going Bananas learning center, and Barrell of Monkeys 0-31

Zoo Animal Picture Cards
For use with a zoo animal or safari theme.  These cards are six to a page and include both photos and black-and-white drawings of various zoo animals.  These have all sorts of uses graphing favorite animals, graphing animals found on a hunt, sorting, etc.

Zoo Animal Photo Cards
For use with a zoo animal or safari theme.

Zoo Animal Safari Chart
This chart can be used with a zoo animals or safari theme. Use it to keep track of animal sightings on a field trip to the zoo, or place photos of animals throughout your school or classroom and go on a virtual hunt.   Use with activities found on the Zoo Theme Page at Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas.

Zoo Animal Picture Cards Zoo Animal Photo Cards Zoo Animal Safari Chart

Free Zoo Activities & Printables @ Other Sites

Choo, Choo, Choo! Off to the Zoo!
Songs & games, books, math and science activites, and more. The focus of the unit was on vocabulary for a class of mostly ESL students. Source: calicocookie.com
Discuss the relationship between people and different kinds of animals, then categorize animals into farm animals and zoo animals. Includes printable word cards.
Journal topics, center ideas, book list, math ideas, social studies & science ideas, and more!
Zoo Theme Unit: Printables & Worksheets
A collection of printables from abcteach
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