The Lorax Activities, Printables, and Lessons


The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

The Lorax Reader’s Theater Script
Shared by a member at the A to Z forums.

Family Literacy Bag: The Lorax
Resource for a family literacy bag for The Lorax and Tell Me, Tree. Designed to encourage hands-on fun and learning at home. It can also be used in after-school or summer programs.

The Lorax Project
Encourages educators and students to celebrate the Lorax’s message and act on their own pledges to beautify and conserve their school environment and beyond. Includes lots of resource information.

Barbaloot Suits: Preserving Biodiversity
Students will learn about how and why Olson studies plants. Students will compare a situation in which farmers unknowingly destroyed a plant species with the conservation themes outlined in Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, and then summarize the Seuss work through illustration.

Lessons of The Lorax
(PDF) Part 1: Students read The Lorax and analyze and interpret the events in the story that led to the damage of the environment. Part 2: Students compare the events in The Lorax with real-life events concerning the brown pelican. (A TEKS based activity for Grade 5)

The Lorax Explorations
A few lesson suggestions for middle school students.  Grades 6-8

The Lorax Lessons
These are enrichment activities to be used when reading the book, The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss. (Grade 6)

Truffula Trees Display
This idea could be used for a hallway or bulletin board display. Each leaf of the truffula tree has a suggestion on how we can help the environment.

Lorax Classroom Pledge Poster
“Our class pledges to do our part to protect the environment…” Includes lines for students to sign. Printable PDF. Part of The Lorax Project

Lorax Earth Day Pledge Tree Strips
Printable PDF with slips for students to write their pledge. Part of The Lorax Project.

The Lorax Worksheet
A during and after reading worksheet for use with The Lorax.

Truffula Trees Dominoes
Printable dominoes with truffula trees on them.

Truffula Trees Craft
Make truffula trees from pipe cleaners, playdough, and pom poms.


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