Colonial America Teaching Theme Activities, Printables & Lesson Plan Ideas


Resources @ A to Z

Hornbook Printables
Find a printable hornbook replica, blank template, writing paper, and hornbook lesson.

Resources @ Other Sites

Thinking Mapping the Colonies
Use thinking maps to learn about the 13 colonies.

Experiment With ColonizationProvides an opportunity for American History students to gain practical experience in the basic types of challenges that may exist in the establishment of an early colony. Grade Levels: 6-12

The Thirteen Colonies 
Two lesson plans exploring economics in the New World. Students learn the economic reasons colonists settled in America, and understand what job opportunities were available in the colonies. Grade Levels: 3-5

US History, Colonial America 1600-1776 
Gives some possible discussions, activities and works of literary merit. All of which are intended to be offered as choices to the learner rather than as assignments or lists of things to do.  Grade Levels: 3-6

Printable Colonial Maps
History maps of the colonies.


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