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Technology and the African American Inventor  The purpose of this lesson is to create an awareness and understanding that important technological advances within our culture, in a variety of areas, are the result of the work done by a diverse group of people, many of whom are African Americans. To this end, students will be actively involved in discussions, research, and sharing sessions. Between six and ten class periods will be necessary for this lesson Grade Level(s): 6-8

Being Treated Equally To let children experience prejudice first hand, in reference to Martin Luther King Day.  Grade Level(s): K

Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search  Printable word search for Martin Luther King, Jr. Grade Level(s): 1-2, 3-5

Harriet Tubman Theme Lesson Plans Thematic Units, Printables

Martin Luther King, Jr. Theme Lessons Plans Thematic Units, Printables 

Black History Resources @ Other Sites

African American Culture Unit  19 day unit with cross curricular activities to explore African American culture Grade Level(s): 3-5

African American Culture Unit  Complete unit. Grade Level(s): 3-5

African American Culture: Authors & Illustrators   The goal for this unit is for the students to experience and to gain a better understanding of the life of an author, illustrator, and poet while learning about the African American culture. Grade Level(s): 3-5

African Fairy Tales  Study African American Culture through various African stories and tales. Grade Level(s): 3-5

Black History and Music  Grade 6 unit that explores African American culture & music through cross curricular activities.
Grade Level(s): 6-8

Famous African Americans    This unit will touch on such famous people as Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, Langston Hughes, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Grade Level(s): 3-5, 6-8

Famous Black AuthorsAfrican American Culture  A complete unit. Grade Level(s): 3-5

How the African American Storyteller impacts the black family and society    This curriculum unit has been prepared for use during Black History Month. The unit is intended to familiarize students with Black writers-storytellers, their works and the impact that their works have left on the Black family and society. Grade Level(s): 6-8

Jackie Robinson, A Black Hero    This lesson will introduce the children to a hero whose actions changed the course of history. Grade Level(s): 3-5

Rosa  Parks: heroes and their impact  This lesson explores the heroic actions of one American woman–Rosa Parks. Students will identify the relationship of individual rights and community responsibility. Grade Level(s): 3-5

The Life of a Slave  Unit explores African American culture through cross curricular activities  Grade Level(s): 3-5

The Underground Railroad  19 days of cross curricular activities for the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman, and African-American history including reading, cooperative learning, center activities, and more. Grade Level(s): 3-5

This is Rosa Parks  The unfair laws in America prior to the civil rights movement are shown through the story of Rosa Parks. The idea that the actions of one person can change the life of many is explored.
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2

Clara and the Freedom Quilt  Geography – Economics Lessons   Geography – Economics Lessons. Grade Level(s): 3-5

 Two Tickets to Freedom Economics and geography lesson to go along with reading the book. Grade Level(s): 3-5, 6-8

Units on African-American Culture through Literature  The students will gain a better understanding of the African American culture through a vast assortment of literature and through activities and experiences within the classroom. The students will be introduced to many African American people who have contributed to the growth and changes in America today. Grade Level(s): 3-5

Black History Book Resources @ Amazon

African American Awareness for Young Children  These special units expose children to literature that helps develop an appreciation of the African American culture and provides role models. Includes complete lesson plans with poems, songs, and more.

Famous Americans – includes Harriet Tubman & Rosa Parks  22 Short Plays for the Classroom

Mississippi Bridge  by Mildred D. Taylor

Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry by Mildred Taylor (paperback)

The Friendship  by Mildred Taylor (Paperback)

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