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A to Z’s Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving Teaching Ideas – Little Giraffes
Several pages of photos and activities for a Thanksgiving theme.  These ideas mainly deal with turkeys:

Thanksgiving Friends
Why we are thankful for what we have and what makes us thankful. Grade Level(s): K

Thanksgiving Quilt
Students create their own quilt square showing what they are thankful for and assemble into a class quilt.

Thanksgiving : The Mayflower
Students will be able to identify what a pilgrim is and what it was like to travel on The Mayflower.  Grades: 1-2

Group Turkey Wreath
Students help make a classroom Thanksgiving decoration using fine motor skills–cutting & rolling–to create paper curls. Grade: Preschool

Resources @ Other Sites

Thanksgiving Printables
A collection of printable coloring pages and worksheets from abcteach.

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts
Learning turkeys, paper plate turkeys, turkey wreath, fingerprint turkeys, handprint turkeys, and more.

Thanksgiving Theme Unit
Lessons: Thanksgiving KWL, Thankful Thoughts, Native American Culture; A Closer Look, Who Were the “Pilgrims?,” Thanksgiving Day 1621; What Really Happened? – also contains other activities & literature selections. Grade Level(s): 3-5

Hedgie Makes a Thanksgiving Apple Pie
Coloring Page by Jan Brett

Thanksgiving Word Puzzle
Word puzzle for Thanksgiving

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