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Earth Day is April 22

Also See:  The Lorax

Free Earth Day Activities @ A to Z

Earth Day Songs & Poems
A handful of songs and poems about recycling and taking care of the earth.

Planet Earth Printable Outlines and Shape Book Writing Pages
Four pages: An Earth coloring page or shape book cover, along with blank and lined Earth-shaped pages.

Earth Day Activities & Teaching Ideas
A variety of activities shared at the A to Z forums over the years.

Earth Day Activities @ Other Sites

Earth Day Crafts
Fun crafts for endangered animals, clouds, mother earth.  Source:

Earth Day Activity: Making Words
Here’s a free printable from Finally in First.   How many words can you make with the letters in Earth Day?

Trash Basher’s Handbook: Recycling
Series of experiments on recycling. It provides an introduction to the concepts or reduce, reuse and recycle as well as the very important concept of Precycle.  Source:

The Recycling Process After Collection
Describes what happens to materials after they are sent to be recycled.  Source:

Paper Maché Earth
Paper maché patterns, recipes and instructions for making a paper maché earth.  Source:

Earth Day Coloring Pages
Several printable coloring pages to choose from.  Source:

Earth Day Coloring Pages
Various coloring pages for trees, recycling, etc.  Source:

Earth Day Printables and Worksheets
Word search, ABC order, word jumble, and acrostic poem for Earth Day.  Source:

Earth Day Activities Unit
Many printables, forms, graphic organizers for your lesson plans.  Source:

Happy Earth Day Activity Book
12 coloring pages and worksheets  Source:

Online Book:  Every Day is Earth Day
Kids can sort paper, plastic, and cans into the appropriate recycling containers.  Source:

Earth Day Bags Project
The Earth Day Groceries Project is an easy, cost-free environmental awareness project that teams up youth and grocers to spread the message of Earth Day. Visit to find out how to participate!  Source:

Composting With Red Wiggler Worms
Learn why composting helps the soil, and find out how to use worms to compost. (There’s also a nice photo of the worms to test your tolerance for the wigglies.)  Source:

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