5 Senses Lessons, Activities, and Teaching Ideas


Resources and lesson plans for the Five Senses (Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch).

Benchmarks for Science Literacy (K-2):

  • People use their senses to find out about their surroundings and themselves. Different senses give different information.

Resources @ Other Sites

Activity Idea Place: Five Senses
Activities for art, math/science/games, and songs & group time for a 5 senses theme. 123child.com

Making Sense Of Your Senses
PDF format – A ten-day unit for kindergarten that introduces the scientific topic of the five senses.  coreknowledge.org

My Five Senses: Learning About My World
PDF Format – This unit provides kindergartners with a comprehensive exposure to their five senses and how these senses help them learn about their world. coreknowledge.org

Our Five Senses
Ages 3-6 – Have a day for each sense to discuss and create projects. ghbooks.com

School Rooms
As children play the School Rooms game, they reinforce their understanding of commonly used school terms in a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere. They also build awareness that their senses are constantly gathering information to help them navigate through the world around them. eduplace.com

Senses – Seed-n-Feed
Ages 3-6 – sensory table activity. ghbooks.com

Senses – Smelling Bee
Ages 3-6 – Children guess what scent is in each container.  ghbooks.com

Senses – The Touching Game
Ages 3-6 – Children identify objects by touching.  ghbooks.com

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