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Free Nursery Rhymes Printables and Activities @ A to Z

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me Printable Nursery Rhyme Resource Kit
Includes printables for a pocket chart or poster as well as a printable handout for students.

Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme Printable Activities
Includes printable rhyme plus pocket chart strips/word cards for larger display.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm Printable Activity Resource Kit
Includes printable rhyme plus strips/word cards for shared reading, retelling, poetry center, etc.

Free Nursery Rhymes & Mother Goose Teaching Ideas @ Other Sites

Fingerplays, Action Poems, Nursery Rhymes, and Songs
There are several themes: Counting and Number, Animals, Insect and Bugs, Community Helpers, Family, Special Occasions, Transition Times, Transportation — some are traditional nursery rhymes, but you’ll find a great variety of poems here. preschoolrainbow.org

A Rhyme a Week: Nursery Rhymes for Early Literacy
Lesson plans, printable activites, illustrated rhymes, picture cards, nursery rhymes.  curry.edschool.virginia.edu

DLTK’s Nursery Rhymes
Printable activities, coloring pages, and more. dltk-teach.com

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Coloring Pages
48 mother goose and nursery rhyme pages to print and color! The rhyme is also printed below the picture… from Hendersonville Police Dept. in TN.  www.niteowl.org

The Mother Goose Pages
Groups online rhymes grouped by several themes, or you can view alphabetically.  www-personal.umich.edu

Zelo Nursery Rhymes
A large collection of online rhymes.  www.zelo.com

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Ice Cream Activities, Teaching Ideas, Printables, and Lesson Plans http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/947/ice-cream-activities-teaching-ideas-printables-and-lesson-plans/ http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/947/ice-cream-activities-teaching-ideas-printables-and-lesson-plans/#comments Fri, 27 Apr 2012 02:35:48 +0000 Amanda http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/?p=947 Related:  Summer Theme 

Ice Cream Printables @ A to Z’s Downloads Shop

  • Ice Cream Cut-and-Paste Art Pattern This cut-and-paste ice cream art project will provide your students with opportunities to improve their fine motor dexterity and their ability to follow directions.
  • Ice Cream Sundae Art & Literacy Fun! The kids will enjoy creating their own ice cream sundae recipe in which they will list ingredients, step by step recipe instructions, illustration, and an adorable ice cream glyph activity!


Free Ice Cream Activities @ A to Z

Ice Cream and Air Experiment #433
(Grades 1-6) July is National Ice Cream month, so I thought I should do an experiment that focused on ice cream. I usually have to find a way to tie ice cream in, but this week ice cream is the main focus.

Free Ice Cream Teaching Resources @ Other Sites

Ice Cream Theme Unit
(Grades K-5) Nearly 20 lessons and activities in MS Word and PDF format.  swlauriersb.qc.ca

Plastic Bag Ice Cream
The lesson possibilities for this one are nearly endless. Your class can explore the history of ice cream and dairy products, the chemistry of ice, salt and exothermic reactions, or use it an exercise in the scientific method: what if you make the following recipe without salt? teachnet.com

Ice Cream Crafts
(Preschool – grade 5) Printable ice cream crafts. dltk-kids.com

Ice Cream Printables
(Grades K-5) More than a dozen printables for an ice cream theme: KWL, graphing, coloring pages, and more. abcteach.com

Ice Cream Theme Printables
(Preschool-K) Enjoy ice cream theme educational activities for preschool and kindergarten. You will find free printable crafts, activities and coloring pages with easy to follow lesson plan instructions, and related resources. first-school.ws

Ice Cream Printables
Magnet pages, marker pages, games, math & literacy, and more.

Ice-Cream Toddler and Preschool Unit
Fun ice cream activities and printables for young children.

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Frog Activities, Printables, Teaching Ideas, and Lessons http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/938/frog-activities-printables-teaching-ideas-and-lessons/ http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/938/frog-activities-printables-teaching-ideas-and-lessons/#comments Wed, 25 Apr 2012 05:25:21 +0000 Amanda http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/?p=938 Frog Printables @ A to Z’s Downloads Shop

Free Frog Printables & Activities @ A to Z

Free Frog Activities & Teaching Ideas @ Other Sites

Frogs and Amphibians Lesson Plans
Frog poems, activities and frog-themed recipes or snacks.  hummingbirded.com

Frogs and Toads Are Different (But Still Friends)
Read Frog and Toads are Friends, then research the Internet to learn about Frogs and Toads.  teachers.net

Guided Reading using Gail Gibbon’s book Frogs
Activities for 3 days.  teachers.net

Life Cycle of a Frog
Students will work together to illustrate the life cycle of a frog.  teachers.net

Frog Life Cycle Worksheets
Crosswords, word searches, frog life cycle diagram, metamorphosis diagram, reading comprehension and verbs.  bogglesworldesl.com

Frog Life Cycle Craft
Simple life cycle (egg, tadpole, frog) craft.  dltk-kids.com

Frog Resource & Information Sites

How to Raise Tadpoles
Useful information to consider if you are interested in raising frogs to observe the life cycle first-hand.  allaboutfrogs.org

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Summer Activities, Teaching Ideas, Printables, and Lessons http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/923/summer-activities-teaching-ideas-printables-and-lessons/ http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/923/summer-activities-teaching-ideas-printables-and-lessons/#comments Tue, 24 Apr 2012 03:48:18 +0000 Amanda http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/?p=923
Related Themes:  Camping - Ice CreamOcean - Zoo

Printable Activities @ A to Z’s Downloads Shop


Free Summer Activities & Printables @ Other Sites

Pre-K Summer Packet
Summer learning activities for rising kindergartners.  Parent letter, booklet, rhyming cards, and more.  prekinders.com

Picnic Theme
Songs & fingerplays, theme activities, and arts and craft ideas.  stepbystepcc.com

Summer Theme Unit
More than 30 free printable word searches, worksheets and activities from abcteach.com.

Summer Coloring Pages
Coloring pages are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.  www.first-school.ws

Summer Kids Activities
Lots of summer-themed printable activities, coloring pages, games, and ideas.  woojr.com

Summer Printables
Printable summer-themed story paper, planners, activities, and games. activityvillage.co.uk

Summer Printables
Summer coloring pages, word searches, mazes, dot-to-dot, stationery, games and dominoes.  busybeekidscrafts.com

Summer Lined Paper
Full color summer-themed paper to print.  primarygames.com
Another version: Summer Primary Lines

Summer Printables and Crafts
Summer crafts, games and puzzles, coloring pages, and more.  www.dltk-kids.com

Summer Songs & Poems
Source: www.canteach.ca

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End of the Year Activities, Printables, Lessons, and Teaching Ideas http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/866/end-of-the-year-activities-printables-lessons-and-teaching-ideas/ http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/866/end-of-the-year-activities-printables-lessons-and-teaching-ideas/#comments Sat, 21 Apr 2012 00:40:38 +0000 Amanda http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/?p=866 Printables @ A to Z”s Downloads Shop


Free End of the Year Activities @ A to Z

End of the Year
Poems, fun recipes, summer home learning activities

End of the Year Memory Book
Memory book for the end of the year.

Printable Story Starters
Try these for last days of school, or sending home for the summer.

Free End of the Year Activities @ Other Sites

DLTK-Kids Graduation Crafts
Cards, certificates, writing paper, more.  dltk-kids.com

End of the School Year Poems
From CanTeach

End of the Year: Comment Ideas for Report Cards
A long list of suggestions for personalizing your grade card comments.  teachnet.com

Graduation Crafts
From MakingFriends.com

Printable Memory Book 
13 pages for students to fill in simple prompts and draw or attach pictures as illustrations for their favorite color, animal, sport, etc. abcteach.com

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Dinosaurs Activities, Printables, Lessons, and Teaching Ideas http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/898/dinosaurs-activities-printables-lessons-and-teaching-ideas/ http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/898/dinosaurs-activities-printables-lessons-and-teaching-ideas/#comments Tue, 17 Apr 2012 00:59:19 +0000 Amanda http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/?p=898 Printables @ A to Z’s Downloads Shop

Free Dinosaurs Activities @ A to Z

Dinosaurs Theme
Teaching ideas @ Little Giraffes including lots of photos!

Free Dinosaurs Teaching Ideas @ Other Sites

Dinosaurs Unit
Journal topics, center ideas, literacy activities, book making ideas, and more! thekcrew.net

Dino Poems
Dinosaur Pie & Dinosaur Stomp focus poetry activties. thekcrew.net

Dinosaurs Activities
Lots of activities, songs and fingerplays for learning about dinosaurs.  preschoolrainbow.org

Dinosaur Theme Unit
More than a dozen free printable activities and worksheets from abcteach.com

Dinosaur Unit
Complete, 7 lesson unit including objective grid, teacher background info, references. Covers extinction, fossils, types of dinosaurs, meat and plant eaters, life cycle, change, and spanish translations.  www.sedl.org

Dinosaur Printables
Dinosaur coloring pages, word searches, mazes, dot-to-dot, stationery, memory game, dominoes, and more.  busybeekidsprintables.com

Dinosaur Math
Use dog bones to make patterns and explore numbers.  kinderart.com

Mini-Unit Topic: Dinosaurs
4 lesson unit focusing on the subjects: math, language and literacy, science and science exploration.  www.ed.uiuc.edu

Students will compare two kinds of dinosaurs based upon the structure of the pelvis: bird-hipped and reptile-hipped  www.ucmp.berkeley.edu

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Camping Activities, Lessons, Printables, and Teaching Ideas http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/885/camping-activities-lessons-printables-teaching-ideas/ http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/885/camping-activities-lessons-printables-teaching-ideas/#comments Tue, 17 Apr 2012 00:14:45 +0000 Amanda http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/?p=885 Printables @ A to Z’s Downloads Shop


Free Camping Activities, Printables, and Teaching Ideas

Camping Theme
Songs, art, books, games, science, coloring pages, and more.  everythingpreschool.com

Camping Theme
Songs & Fingerplays, Arts & Crafts, Recipes, Theme Ideas, and More. stepbystepcc.com

Camping Theme
Songs and Poems, books, cross-curricular activities, and forest animal teaching ideas.  kinderkorner.com

Camping Theme Activities
A handful of ideas for a camping theme.  teachers.net

Camping Theme
4-page PDF with camping ideas for the following centers: dramatic play, block, art, math, reading, sand, science and writing. scholastic.com

Camping Coloring Pages
More than 20 coloring pages for a camping theme.  preschoolcoloringbook.com

Recipes for Camping
Campfire Chicken Packets, Campfire Conies, Campfire Doughnuts, Campfire Eclaire, Campfire Ham Packets, Campfire Hobo Packets, Campfire Popcorn, Frozen Campfire Chicken, S’MORES  dltk-kids.com

TP Roll Campfire Craft
Make a campfire using TP rolls, tissue paper, paper plate, paint and glue. dltk-kids.com

Printables for Backyard Camping
Includes emergent reader, sight word printables, picture cards, cut-aparts, and more.

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Ocean Activities, Lessons, Printables, and Teaching Ideas http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/873/ocean-activities-lessons-printables-and-teaching-ideas/ http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/873/ocean-activities-lessons-printables-and-teaching-ideas/#comments Sun, 15 Apr 2012 19:55:03 +0000 Amanda http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/?p=873 Printables @ A to Z’s Downloads Shop


Free Ocean Activities & Printables @ Other Sites

Sandy Beach Activities
During these activities the children will observe a sandy beach scene and identify sea creatures.  Source: first-school.ws

Others in and Around the Water
Songs & poems about fish, frogs, turtles, seals, the ocean. Source: canteach.ca

Seashore Collage & Related Activities
Today is going to be a day the children can imagine they are by the seashore collecting shells. After they imagine this, they can make a collage of their “findings.”  Source: first-school.ws

Under the Sea
Children will create an undersea environment in their classroom while researching interesting facts about their favorite sea creatures.  Source: eduplace.com

Shark Surprise
Children will practice their observational skills and reinforce their familiarity with different types of fish while creating their own card game.  Source: eduplace.com

There Are Algae in Your House!
Designed to go along with Smithsonian’s Ocean Planet – Objectives: 1) Demonstrate that, although we sometimes can neither smell nor taste them, many ingredients in our foods and household products come from the sea. 2) Investigate the foods you eat to determine what algae derivatives they contain.
Source: seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov Grades 3-6

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Zoo Activities, Printables, Lessons, and Teaching Ideas http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/869/zoo-activities-printables-lessons-and-teaching-ideas/ http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/869/zoo-activities-printables-lessons-and-teaching-ideas/#comments Sun, 15 Apr 2012 19:42:15 +0000 Amanda http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/?p=869 Lesson plans and resources for a zoo or zoo animals teaching theme.

Zoo Printables @ A to Z’s Downloads Shop


Free Printables & Activities @ A to Z

Animal Alphabet: Kindergarten Zoo
Review the alphabet with A, My Name is Alice & an animal alphabet hall display or class book.

Zoo Song Book
Here is an activity inspired by the book, Dear Zoo.

Zoo Theme Activities
Lots of great hands-on math, literacy, center, and art activites including photos.

Monkey Printables
Monkey math mats, Going Bananas learning center, and Barrell of Monkeys 0-31

Zoo Animal Picture Cards
For use with a zoo animal or safari theme.  These cards are six to a page and include both photos and black-and-white drawings of various zoo animals.  These have all sorts of uses graphing favorite animals, graphing animals found on a hunt, sorting, etc.

Zoo Animal Photo Cards
For use with a zoo animal or safari theme.

Zoo Animal Safari Chart
This chart can be used with a zoo animals or safari theme. Use it to keep track of animal sightings on a field trip to the zoo, or place photos of animals throughout your school or classroom and go on a virtual hunt.   Use with activities found on the Zoo Theme Page at Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas.

Zoo Animal Picture Cards Zoo Animal Photo Cards Zoo Animal Safari Chart

Free Zoo Activities & Printables @ Other Sites

Choo, Choo, Choo! Off to the Zoo!
Songs & games, books, math and science activites, and more. The focus of the unit was on vocabulary for a class of mostly ESL students. Source: calicocookie.com
Discuss the relationship between people and different kinds of animals, then categorize animals into farm animals and zoo animals. Includes printable word cards.
Journal topics, center ideas, book list, math ideas, social studies & science ideas, and more!
Zoo Theme Unit: Printables & Worksheets
A collection of printables from abcteach
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Activities & Printables http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/852/mothers-day-gift-ideas-activities-crafts-printables/ http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/852/mothers-day-gift-ideas-activities-crafts-printables/#comments Sun, 15 Apr 2012 06:39:05 +0000 Amanda http://themes.atozteacherstuff.com/?p=852 Printable Mother’s Day Resources @ A to Z’s Downloads Shop

 Free Printables  & Activities @ A to Z

Mother’s Day Coupon Book
This printable coupon book for kids to give to Mom on Mother’s Day includes cleaning house, washing the dishes, unlimited hugs, blank coupons to be filled in, etc.

Keepsake Handprint Poem
“When I Was Very Small” – Poem is provided in kid-style font… just add the handprint! — Great for gift giving: Grandparents, Moms and Dads, Aunts and Uncles, ETC!

Mother’s Day Activities @ Little Giraffes
Photos and ideas for Mother’s Day: cookbook, coupon book, flowerpot, cards, crafts, and more.

Mother’s Day Gift
Moms will love this special keepsake made out of a child’s outgrown shoe.

*FREE* Mother’s Day Teapot Card Pattern
This free pattern packet includes an original teapot card pattern, tea cup pattern with writing and without, and a direction sheet including a photograph of the sample!

Mother’s Day Ideas @ Other Sites

Mother’s Day Crafts
Printable crafts. Many use toilet paper rolls. Source: dltk-kids.com

Mother’s Day Butterfly and Poem
Children make a handprint butterfly accompanied by a poem to give to Mom.  Source: teachers.net

Kindergarten Island Fever Mother’s Day Celebration
Complete description of the celebration from invitations to food to song lyrics.  Source: teachers.net

Mother’s Day Crafts
Bloomin’ Door Stop, Sunflower Pin Cushion, Helping Hands for Mom, more. Source: amazingmoms.com

Triple Fridge Clip
Keep your refrigerator organized with this special gift for Mom, Grandma, Auntie or Dad!  Source: amazingmoms.com

Mother’s Day Art & Craft Ideas @ kinderart.com

The Latest Posts About Mother’s Day @ I Love Teaching Blogs!

These are the latest teaching blog posts that mention Mother’s Day…

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